At Videre Wealth Management, we have a special interest in ensuring that those responsible for managing organizations and the people in them have effectively delegated the task of building and preserving personal wealth so they can focus their talents on achieving corporate objectives.

We understand that as an executive, you want to make certain that you are:

  • Not paying too much in income taxes
  • Staying on the right schedule for exercising stock options or restricted stock grants, or that you are making the right deferred comp election
  • Taking full advantage of your benefit program
  • Maximizing the company’s retirement plan as it relates to your specific goals

We assist our clients with: 1) managing investment assets and measuring progress towards goals, 2) tax and estate planning, and 3) properly allocating their resources within the various benefit plans. Our clients have delegated the majority of their wealth management responsibilities to us because of a high degree of trust and confidence.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plans for the future, give us a call for an initial review with no obligation.