Our Profile and Process

We are an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm. We work with families and individuals who are professionals, business owners, and executives looking for comprehensive and personalized services. Ultimately, they are looking for a firm with whom they can build a long-term trusting relationship so they can focus on their families, their causes, and their work.

Our unique approach is goals-focused and planning-based. That means we start with an understanding of our client’s goals and priorities before progressing to the planning phase. Once they have articulated these things, we look for clarity on the why” of what they want to accomplish. We can then move forward with the planning process which begins to outline the how-to steps. These deliberate actions are referred to as Planning Your Future on Purpose.

Once the planning phase is complete, we move to portfolio construction (or the investment strategy) that fully supports their goals and priorities. We believe this best serves our clients' interests since it takes the focus off chasing performance and market timing measures and on what our clients can control—reaching those goals with a high degree of confidence.

We are able to experience many proud accomplishments although they might seem small to the unknowing. When a client is able to see one of their children (or grandchildren) graduate from college, we sit back with a smile. When a client experiences one of their children start their own family by getting married or giving birth to a grandchild, we feel proud for them. When a client moves into a new home, decides to fully (or partially) retire, or takes on a completely new venture, we are humbled to have been able to partly help make those things happen.

The company was founded in August 2000 under the name Videre Asset Management, Inc. The name was officially changed eight years later to Videre Wealth Management, Inc., in August 2008 to more accurately reflect the full scope of our services.