Those in Retirement

At Videre Wealth Management, our retired client’s chief concerns are whether their money will last them for their lifetimes and whether they have properly protected their assets and estate for their heirs and beneficiaries. There is clearly a need to address their priorities.

Once in retirement, clients will often ask:

  • "Do I have enough money to live comfortably and travel at the same time?"
  • "Are there sufficient resources to get through longer-term illnesses?"
  • "Is my portfolio designed to minimize unnecessary volatility?"

We work closely with our retired clients to address these concerns by:

  1. Managing their investment portfolio so that it is consistent with their risk profile
  2. Regularly reviewing their long-range plans to ensure sustaining their current lifestyle
  3. Helping to guide them with strategies and vehicles that can potentially give them a sense of calm and "a good night's sleep"—every night

If you have any questions or concerns about your plans for the future, give us a call for an initial review with no obligation.